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Herbal Remedies for Horses, People, and Small Animals

Herbs of the World is committed to providing alternative health options, and herbal remedies for horses, herbal remedies for people and herbal remedies for pets.

We offer 100% natural herbal remedies for you, your horse and small animal natural health. Our herbal remedies are always mixed fresh with each order to ensure you and your animals are feeling their best! All herbal remedies are blended with high grade, human quality, 100% pure herbs. We use herbs that are non-fumigated, have no or low pesticide and as many certified organic herbs as possible. Our herbal products contain absolutely no fillers whatsoever and ONLY those vitamins or minerals that are found naturally in the living plant which have proven to be more compatible and more easily absorbed into the body.

We also provide custom Pet (Small Animal) Herbal Remedies Programs, Horse Herbal Remedies Programs, and People Herb Remedies Programs for specific health issues.

We encourage you to sign up for on our mailing list to receive the latest herbal news and Herbs on Sale and read our Herbs of the World BLOG where you can follow case histories of how Herbs of the World's herbal remedies have helped others; how herbs for horses, herbs for animals and herbs for people can be a healthier alternative or addition to traditional medicines. We are also committed to educating the horse owner, trainer, and breeder on the benefits of natural health and healing.
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Mountain Mist Water Based Spritz Skin Moisturizer for Youthful Skin
Mountain Mist Water Based Spritz Skin Moisturizer for Youthful Skin
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We carry only the finest quality herbs for horses
 as well as a daily support system for some of the world's most accomplished competition horses. Please browse our all natural equineherbal supplements geared towards a variety of health conditions.

Discover wonderful Herbal remedies for your dog, cat or other small animals. Remedies included for: Aggressions, Stress Anxiety, Calming, Bladder Infection, Cancer, Coat & Skin, Constipation, Detox, Diabetes, Digestive Problems & IBS, Disobedience and so much more!

Caring for yourself is just as important as your beloved animals. We can have special blends for those common ailments and are happy to custom blend to more and more and more information.

Mariah the Recycle Mare
at high school rodeo, State Finals!
20% Discount for all Rescue Operations

This herbal discount applies to purchase of 4 or more products.

We also offer complementary donation programs for animals with special needs, like when a dog, horse, or cat has been rescued and has severe health issues. You can apply to us for those animals specifically to receive help through this program. We are a very small business. We mix everything fresh when it is ordered and don't mass produce. This is the reason we offer such a modest discount, but we donate to many humane societies and rescue operations across the country. Let us know if you are interested in these programs, and we will be happy to evaluate it on a case by case basis. We are happy to serve you and your animals. We will require proof of your Non Profit Status in order to set up your account. Our main goal is helping animals feel better, and helping owners not to worry.

At Herbs of the World, we make every effort to provide formulas which give the broadest spectrum of plants and minerals that the grazing animal finds naturally. However, as in the case of seaweed or yucca, even though horses in coastal areas will pick at seaweed washed up on the beach, the horse is less likely to be found grazing on them. However, they are valuable as sources of trace elements and are compatible with the equine diet, (When Used as Directed) therefore, we often use them in our herbal remedies for horses to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Herbs of the World is convinced that feeding high quality herbs for horses to a herbivore offers the greatest benefit to the equine athlete. For example, all our rose hips are certified organic and we use a lot. Rose hips are very easy on horses and contain many nutrients they may not otherwise consume such as bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Because there is no synthesizing, rose hips are easier to digest and can be utilized effectively with no side effects.

Some of our herbs for horses formulas are specific for one deficiency or another. We know that the horse requires certain vitamins or minerals to grow and be healthy. Our formulas were originally developed for the competitive horse under heavy stress, or horses injured or ill, under a vet's supervision for those interested in providing natural alternatives or support.

Herbs of the World is committed to educating the horse owner, trainer and breeder on the benefits of natural health and healing.
2. EQ55 Ulcer Ease | Horse, Equine Ulcer Support EQ55 Ulcer Ease | Horse, Equine Ulcer Support
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