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Ulcer Ease™ EQ55 | Horse, Equine Ulcer Support

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Horse herbs to prevent or support horse with ulcers-symptoms
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Equine Ulcer Support

Has your horse developed ulcer like symptoms because race stress, competition or travel is taking their toll?

Herbal formulation to prevent or support a horse who may have ulcers or who is likely to develop them.  Competitive horses who suffer from ulcers do very well when Ulcer Ease is added to their diet.

Ulcer Ease is plant-based blend of herbs for horses traditionally known to provide support to the digestive tract. It is formulated for competitive horses that suffer with ulcers or may potentially develop ulcers, but you can also use it for your companion horses.  Ulcer Ease formula is a great product for horses in training, it is key to a healthy stride. Horses that suffer from ulcers tend to not use their back end and shorten their stride. This is due to discomfort, pain and inflammation.

Ulcer Ease can be useful for:
  • Preventing and relieving equine ulcer symptoms such as weight loss, poor performance, lethargy, irritability, bucking, rearing, “cinchy”
  • Healing channels to the nervous system in horses that worry about competition or being stalled
  • Soothing and healing the lining of the equine digestive tract, especially the stomach
  • Softening the mucous membranes of the digestive tract for easier digestion to reduce irritable bowel or stomach symptoms
  • Increasing energy and vitality
For additional benefits, we suggest using in combination with one or more of the following:
  • Essence of Peace or Calm the Chaos for pre-event stress
  • Poise or Chia Seed to reduce daily stress
  • Aloe Vera Juice 1/2 cup per day for 30 days to heal and improve digestion. Continue to use ½ cup daily for maintenance.
Ulcer Ease Ingredients:  Burdock Root, Peppermint, Irish Moss, Slippery Elk, Pau D'arco, Fennugreek, Marjoram, Dong Quai, Fennel Seed, Nettle, Aloe Vera

Suggested Use: Add to a natural, non-pelleted feed (coconut fiber, 3 way dry, small amounts of natural grain)
  • Initial Dose/Maintenance: 3 TBS twice daily for 30-90 days or until horse shows improvement followed by 3 TBS once daily 6 days a week. 
  • Pre Event/Pre Travel: 3 TBS twice daily 2 days before, during, and 2 days after, then continue with  maintenance dose . This will help prevent ulcers caused from performance stress or environmental changes.


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