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Herbs Of The World is committed to providing alternative health options for horses, pets, and people.  We offer bulk organic, non-fumigated, non-irradiated herbs, custom formulations, and prepared herbal blends for your horses' and pets' natural health.  We also provide Herbal Programs for specific health issues.

Speeding recovery from trauma & bruising

Following any tissue damage injury, reducing swelling is important to aide in healing. 

With this in mind, may I suggest the following:
- use Comfrey Salve,  it is really helpful for bruising and quick healing, as well as an aide in pain reduction.
- Arnica gel is also helpful.  We do prefer the Comfrey Salve, for nurturing the torn and bruised skin, and for its quick absorption into the injury, without drying
-Yunnan Baiyao, is a Chinese herbal patent, designed over 2000 yrs ago, to combat, knife wounds, wound trauma, gunshot, broken bones, and aide in quick recovery from surgery.  This is excellent and well proven.
- Cannon Blast, our herbal blend to assist the body in making healthy bone blasts after broken , bruised, skin, bone and sinew, also helps to alleviate future arthritic syndromes that may occur.
- making nutritive soups that contain bones from orgnanic meats, and schizandra berries, and other Chinese herbs for tissue repair is also recommended. We supply these types of herbs in bulk for soup mixes.