Testimonials from our clients using herbs for EQUINE health care...

"Many thanks to Loryhl for the herbal help and sound advise she has given for Monty and Beau.  Beau (Arab with big white blaze) especially appreciates the Garlic 'n Roses and Eye to Eye for his Uveitis (ERU).  Monty (bay STDB) uses the natural wormer Paris Sights and Garlic 'n Roses! By the way Garlic 'n Roses does help to discourage flies from landing on the horses in the summer.  Thanks So much for everything."
Lynn Manna - Lynn's Pony Parties

"Thank you and my 27 year old horse who has a slipped disc in his neck has been doing really well since I started giving him the Garlic and Yucca Devil's Claw!!"
Cari Bower

Testimonials from our clients using herbs for PET health care....

"I recommend the Tumor Time for dogs.  I have a 14 year old dachshund who doesn't feel as well when I run out of it.  He had a tumor on his shoulder that is gone after 3 months.  My dogs love it!  It is like the Fountain of Youth!"
Bonnie E Sjolander

"Just wanted to tell you that the Prime Pet Bone and Joint and Cannon Blast formulas you sent me for my cleaning woman's old dog that was stiff...well, it worked.  She was going to put down her dog and now she says he, Michael, a 14 year old Chihuahua, is doing GREAT.

What are clients are saying about herbs for PERSONAL health...

"Herbs of the World's Comfrey Salve is the only thing that helps me feel comfortable.  It gives me relief from the itching of Psoriasis and Eczema.  I am so grateful it is here.
Elsie, 83 yrs old
Salmon Idaho