Stoke That Fire EQ79 | Encourage Sweating in Horses
Stoke That Fire | Equine Sweating

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Stoke That Fire EQ79 | Encourage Sweating in Horses

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Herbs to Encourage Sweating in Horses

Is your horse not sweating enough or not at all?

Stoke That Fire herb for horses is a blend of herbs traditionally known to encourage sweating in horses and to move stagnant Chi associated with equine Anhidrosis. 

Hard work, competition and or hot weather can be hard on “nonsweaters”.  This product can be beneficial for:
  • Encouraging sweating in horses
  • Removing environmental toxins associated with Anhidrosis
  • Correcting electrolyte imbalance that can lead to Anhidrosis
  • Removing environmental toxins associated with Adrenal Fatigue (is this relevant)
Ingredients: Ginger, Bladderwrack, Dulce, Fenugreek

Suggested Use: 1 TBS two times daily, 6 days a week. Mix with1/4 cup apple cider vinegar or half bottle of beer and pour over feed. Some horses do not like ginger. Start with a pinch in the morning feeding and increase until the horse will take the full dose.

For additional electrolyte support we recommend using in combination with EQ35 Thumper if your horse is in training or competing. This will help nourish the body, replenish minerals lost from strain and stress, and prevent dehydration.

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