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Pup a Lepsi™ P42 | Pet Nervous System Support

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Pup A Lepsi | Pet Nervous System Support

Does your pet suffer with seizure like symptoms?

Pup a Lepsi is a blend of adaptogenic herbs for pets traditionally used to support the nervous system. Sometimes our pets have a genetic seizure disorder or experience seizure like symptoms following injury, accidents, or from drug use. The herbs in this blend nurture the nervous system and enable your pet to gain strength for a quick recovery from seizure activity and the related side effects, including stress. It can be beneficial for:
  • Increasing blood flow to the brain
  • Nurturing the nervous system
  • Preventing free radical damage
  • Building immunity
Ingredients: Eleuthro, Rosehips, Astragalus, Schizandra Berries, Garlic, Yucca Schidegera, Antler Velvet, Korean Ginseng, Hawthorne Berries

Suggested Use:
0  -10 kg /  0-22 lb - 1/8 tsp
11-20 kg / 23-44 lb - 1/4 tsp
21-30 kg / 45-66 lb - 1/2 tsp
31-40 kg / 67-88 lb - 2/3 tsp
41-49 kg / 89-110 lb - 3/4 tsp
50-60 kg / 111-132 lb - 1 tsp

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