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Pan Handle™ P18 | Pet Kidney Support

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Feline Pancreatic Attack, Canine Kidney
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Pet Kidney and Pancreas Support

Does your dog or cat need a product for kidney or pancreatic support?

Pan Handle is a proprietary blend of herbs for pets traditionally known to support kidney and pancreatic function.  We’ve included our locally grown hand-picked wild crafted sage to provide essential plant-based nutrients. Contact your vet if you suspect a serious problem. Pan Handle is formulated for cats and dogs and can be beneficial for:
  • Strengthening and regulating the pancreas and kidneys
  • Easing pancreatic attack and pancreatitis
  • Relieving Canine Toxic Kidney by increasing urination
  • Alleviating symptoms of Feline Diabetes Syndrome
  • Encouraging the liver to drain excess carbs and sugars from the body to take the load off the pancreas
Ingredients:  Aloe Vera Juice or Gel, Wild Crafted Mountain Sage, Concentrated Artemesia, Echinacea, Spearmint, Chamomile, Yarrow, Zeolite, Milk Thistle Seed, Distilled Water, Colloidal Silver, Vegetable Glycerin

Suggested Use: Choose correct dosage below and place under tongue or add to food:
  • Preventive or Maintenance: Give drops 4 times a day
  • Chronic Long-term Illness: Give drops 2 times a day. Keep in mind it can take up to 6-12 months to rehab and renew the immune system.
  • Pets under 3 LBS -  2 drops
  • Pets 3-10 LBS  - 5 drops
  • Pets 11-20 LBS - 10 drops
  • Pets 21 LBS and over - 15 drops
For additional preventative or maintenance support, we suggest the following products in powder form added to the daily diet.
  • Revive P16 Kidney & Liver Flush - Use for a couple of months along with one of the products below.
  • Free 'n Clear P28 for urinary tract conditions.
  • Liver Up P20 to detoxify the liver.

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