PMU Horses

We rescue PMU,s and have helped over 70 Premarin foals find homes in the last 6 years. We also support this organization and urge you to participate.

14,000+ mares have just been relieved of duty in the PMU industry - and another 14,000 expected to be relieved in January. Now their fate is in our hands - can you spare a few pennies?

Another Chance 4 Horses, a national horse rescue pending 501(c)3 approval-recognized as nonprofit in Pennsylvania-has successfully brought 50 PMU babies into the USA this November that were destined for the feed lots/meat buyers and they are all in their new homes! The funds raised, over $5000, for this task was done in eight days!!

Now we have the task of helping 30 more babies, when they are mature enough to make the trip, 200 hundred mares (most in foal) and stallions down from Canada this winter. This does not include the horses and weanlings coming this spring or the local rescues!

Another Chance 4 Horses has placed over 100 horses so far for the 2003 year. We look forward to doing more for our equine-human population in 2004 with your help. 

Please join us in "The Horse Force", a coalition of horse-related organizations consisting of rescues, therapeutic riding centers, shelters, rehabilitation centers, horse-therapy centers, equestrian services centers, horse owners and other groups. 

Visit or call 610-488-1426 for more information on how to help and please do!