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Herbal Solutions For People

Herbs of the World is committed to providing alternative health options for horses, pets, and people.  We offer bulk organic, non-fumigated, non-irradiated herbs, custom formulations, and prepared herbal blends for your horses' and pets' natural health.  We also provide Herbal Programs for specific health issues.


PH Regulating Diet Sheet

General Considerations: eat a 75% raw diet.  In other words, on your plate: 25% cooked food, or protein, lots of salads, raw veggies, steamed veggies, season with garlic and herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. Use 1 Tbsp. per 40 lbs. of body weight each day of extra virgin olive oil and/or other pressed oil, but they must be of the highest quality.  Eat as many green beans and zucchini seasoned with ginger root to regulate your body's insulin levels.  If you must fry something, use virgin coconut oil as it holds heat well, and is better for you.  You can use this in baking and other salads as well.  Also use plenty of turmeric in your food, or blend in a tsp. of Life Fiber Force Blend a couple of times a day.  This will also help to regulate insulin, and maintain bowel health.

Suggested menu:

Morning drink:  Scrub off two lemons, add 3 cups of water, and 1/2 c. of maple syrup.  Blend in the blender and add 6 raw garlic cloves, and 1/2 bunch fresh parsley (this will help prevent bad breathe). Drink 1 heaping tbps. of this mix with 1/2 c. warm water  for one year.   This drink with the following recommended herbs and vitamins will help build your immune system, aide in mucous reduction, reduce inflammation, and help lower high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  Wait 1/2 hour and have breakfast.

Vitamins & Herbs:  

  • Life Force Fiber Blend 1 tsp. X 3 per day in water or diluted juice.
  • Evening Primrose capsules, 3 two times a day.
  • Milk Thistle Seed pills, 3 two times per day. 
  • Other herb pills, teas, or blends as needed or desired.

Breakfast:  Option #1: Blend 1c. of Soy milk, non-GM), or Rice mike in a blender with 1 tbps. extra virgin olive oil, 2 scoops of whey protein, frozen berries o f any kind, ( for their anti-oxidant properties), and one scoop of super greens powder.  Option #2:  Have a homemade vegetable soup with brown rice, or steamed veggies with brown rice, and 10 fresh soaked almonds.

Lunch:  Salad, steamed veggies, rice, a protein, such as fish, etc. or use less meat and add more nuts.  try to eat one avocado per day.

Dinner:  Same as above but use different fruits and veggies.  You can vary any of the meals for each other as desired.

The idea of this suggested diet plan is to fill your body with live enzymes and healthy nutritious foods.  It will change the PH of your body from acid to alkaline, and this is one of the most important things you can do for your health.