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Organic Aloe Vera Juice 1 Gallon
Organic Aloe Vera Juice 1 Gallon

Organic Aloe Vera Juice for Horses EQ82 | Stomach, Digestion, Pain, Inflammation

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Great for Horsse Digestion, ulcers, inflamation and learn more
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Stomach, Digestion, Pain, Inflammation

Is your horse lethargic, off its feed, or suffer from ulcers, long term illness, inflammation or pain?

ALOE VERA, a popular and well-known herb for horses, is traditionally known to contain healing properties to benefit overall health. The soothing emollient properties of aloin, both topically and internally, are well known for long term use for stomach problems in horses, including ulcers, acidosis, cramping and poor digestion. Stomach ulcers can cause horses to become hyper as well as lethargic. Aloe Vera Juice with immune stimulant and anti-inflammatory properties has been used for thousands of years as a "do all" plant or herb. 

Aloe Vera Juice is the perfect natural herbal alternative to many conventional horse supplements and can be beneficial for:
  • Aiding the healing ulcers
  • Encouraging healthy cell growth in internal organs
  • Stimulating circulation in wounded areas to promote healing
  • Preventing and drawing out infection
  • Relieving pain and itching on contact, especially for burns
  • Promoting absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract to normalize blood sugar
  • Promoting removal of dead skin and stimulating normal cell growth for rapid healing
  • Preventing some cancer causing substances from entering the liver
  • Stimulating the growth of healthy kidney cells
  • Reducing inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Expelling pinworms
Aloe Vera is known to be a killer tape for abnormal cellular growth, tumors or cancer cells.

Ingredients:  Certified Organic whole leaf Aloe Vera Juice (99.7%) Less than 1% natural food grade Citric Acid (oxidation inhibitor) and Potassium Sorbate (mold inhibitor)

 Suggested Use:  
  • Maintenance: 1/2 cup twice daily for 10 to 30 days
  • Heavy Training: 1/2 cup daily for 6 days a week while training


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