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A Moon System For Horses | Feature Benefit
A Moon System For Horses | Feature Benefit

Mucous Mover EQ47 | Drying Up Mucus in Horse Herbal Support

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Short term for quick results in drying up horse mucus
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Mucus Mover 

Do you need to clear and heal the airways of a horse with chronic mucous build-up or discharge, nasal problems, allergies, EIPH?

Mucus Mover is a blend of herbs for horses formulated for short-term use to quickly dry up equine mucus, nourish and heal.  Long-term mucous discharge or buildup in the respiratory system adversely affects performance during competition and can contribute to EIPH,  produce scarring from infection, and keep the horse from thriving. This is a great natural alternative to conventional remedies. Mucus Mover is for SHORT TERM use. DO NOT USE DURING COMPETITION. It can be beneficial for:
  • Reducing mucous buildup 
  • Expelling mucous from the respiratory system 
  • Healing the mucous membranes 
  • Building immunity against airborne allergens 
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Strengthening the respiratory system for competition 
  • Reducing the chances of lung scarring and side effects of EIPH
Horsetail is a traditional all-purpose herb that nourishes the entire body and is traditionally used for mucus disorders. We use only high heat Cayenne one of the best natural stimulants traditionally used to kill infection and expel mucus, which is the key to healing.  These are especially good for the competitive horse.

For additional long-term benefit we suggest using:
  • Easy Breathe herbal formula for respiratory support
  • Garlic n' Roses with Seaweed to boost immune system and provided essential plant based nutrients
  • IF YOUR HORSE HAS EIPH we suggest using our full Bleeder Program
Ingredients: Cayenne, Garlic, Nettle, Eleuthero Root, Sage, Rose Hips

Suggested Use: 3 TBS twice a day for 10 days. 10 days off, 10 days until horse's condition improves.


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