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Lung Distance Runner | Strengthen Horse Lung Endurance
Lung Distance Runner | Strengthen Horse Lung Endurance

Lung Distance Runner™ EQ33 | Strengthen Horse Lung Endurance

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Equine Lung Health, Horse Breathing, Horse Long Distance Runners
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Strengthen Horse Lung Endurance and Equine Breathing Health 

Does your endurance, race or competitive horse have breathing issues and need a preventative or mild support for respiratory health?

Herbs of the World offers an alternative to conventional horse supplements suggested for breathing problems. Lung Distance Runner is a proprietary blend of herbs for horses traditionally known for supporting the respiratory system for improved endurance and providing plant based nutrients and minerals to the body's tissues and ligaments. This formula was originally developed for endurance horses running in 50-100 mile 1-2 day runs. Our herbal blend is a wonderful daily preventative for hard-working and hard-running horses.  Owners and trainers who want healthy, long-distance runners with long careers order this product on a regular basis to keep the respiratory system healthy, and help prevent EIPH. Check with your vet if your suspect a serious lung condition. It can be beneficial for:
  • Promoting efficient respiration in horses
  • Stamina by strengthening all organs and systems in the body with a respiratory focus
  • Encouraging healthy mucous membranes and healthy lung villae
  • Daily preventative use for competing horses susceptible to EIPH
  • Maintaining good health under stress or while living in confinement
  • Providing plant-based nutrients to enhance performance
For additional benefits use with one or more of the following prior to competition:
  • Hack No More Liquid to open up bronchial passages, decrease susceptibility to airborne allergens, build immune and sinus healthy
  • EIPH Bleeder Program for added protection and to enhance performance, decrease the chance of hemorrhage and scar tissue in lungs
  • Thumper herbal electrolyte to keep lung tissue and mucous membranes soft and resilient, increase stamina and endurance
Ingredients: Coltsfoot, Garlic, Carrot, Kelp, Beet Root, Rose Hips, Burdock Root, Beth Root, Parsley Leaf, Mullein, Schizandra Berries, Kelp, Dandelion Root, Shepherd's Purse, Witch Hazel Bark, Horehound, Bladderwrack, Cranesbill, Peppermint, Dong Quai, Spearmint 

Suggested Use: 
  • Maintenance: 3 TBS  2 times per day for 10 –30 days, then 3 TBS per day 6 days a week, for maintenance. 
  • Pre Event or Heavy Work: 3 TBS 2 days prior to ,day of, and day after, then return to maintenance dosage 6 days a week.

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