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Iron Horse | Horse Anemia Support
Iron Horse | Horse Anemia Support

Iron Horse™ EQ30 | Horse Anemia, Iron & Circulation Support

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Equine Anemia, Equine Vitality, Equine Energy, Equine Performance, Equine Iron, Equine Circulation...
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Horse Anemia, Iron and Circulation Support

Is your horse anemic, lethargic, had a long term illness or injury, and need an herbs for horses blend for nutritional support?

Iron Horse is a blend of herbs for horses traditionally known and used for anemia related to nutritive salts and minerals deficiencies. Chlorophyll, iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, and other low level minerals all are part of the plants, herbs and seaweed that make up this blend. This herbal alternative to conventional equine supplements acts like  a natural buffer to encourage appetite and better food digestion. Iron Horse is useful for competitive or injured horses that exhibit signs of anemia, low energy, poor appetite, lethargy or lack of vitality. Your vet can provide valuable information by testing blood samples. It can be beneficial for:

  • Providing necessary iron and minerals essential for a healthy liver
  • Increasing circulation and production of red blood cells
  • Cleansing the blood to neutralize and eliminate toxins in the system
  • Boosting the chi throughout the body
  • Acting as a natural buffer to soothe the digestion and help absorb feed

For additional benefits we suggest using in combination with:

  • EQ27 Garlic n' Roses with SeaWeed to increase circulation, boost immunity, and increase vitality.
  • EQ55 Ulcer Ease if you suspect your horse has serious digestive issues that need attention.

After your horse returns to normal health, we suggest using Liver Up a couple times a year to promote natural detox, a healthy liver and blood count.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Parsley Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Burdock Root, Comfrey Root, Dong Quai, Tienchi Bark, Coptis Rhizome, Chia Seeds.

Suggested Use: 3 TBS twice daily for 30-90 days, then use 3 TBS once daily 6 days a week until horse is better.

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