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Immune Blast™ EQ26 | Equine Immune Support

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Herbs to strengthen the horse immune system due to illness, traveling, or competing
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Immune Blast herbal support for the Horse Immune System 

Equine Viruses, Equine Immune Strength, Equine Herpes Outbreaks, Equine Snots, Equine Colds, Horse Fevers, Horse Circulation, Horse Hoof Health, Equine Cardio Vascular Health and as a Horse Preventative or when Traveling with Horses.

The Immune Blast for horses herbal formula as been expertly blended utilizing herbs from China, North America and Europe.  Immune Blast has been "muscle tested" for compatibility to the body of "Competitive Horses".  We have added garlic and cooling herbs to the Immune Blast herbs for the equine immune system, so that almost all horses, in all climates can take this helpful, synergistic blend.

Plant based minerals and vitamins with healing properties, especially for the competitive horse who may travel a lot, heavily competing horses, or horses exposed to the herpes virus, and for horses with other stressful health risks involving the immune system or adrenal glands.

The equine taking Immune Blast natural herbs for horses can experience many benefits as this herbal blend stimulates the immune system to assist the body adrenal support and recovery from adrenal exhaustion; added resistance to stress, anti oxidant; anxiety; fatigue; cancer; diabetes syndrome; indigestion; lung infections, asthma and bronchitis.

Immune Blast herbs added benefits for your horse can also boost mental health and alertness; assist cardiovascular health & circulation; increased sperm count; increased hoof health; slow aging process; hormonal balance; ability to handle stress with greater accuracy and speed and over all health and well being and beautification

IMMUNE BLAST Suggested Use:
*While traveling or while in stables that may have viral, airborne or other contagions use 3 TBS twice daily.  Use full dose two days before travel, while traveling and upon returning for a further two days.
*Specific Condition - Use at 20 days per time of treatment for a specific health reason supporting the immune system, trauma or injury at 3 TBS twice daily twice daily for 6 days a week or for longer term use as needed.
*Maintenance - Immune Blast can be used safely at 3 TBS daily for 6 days a week.

IMMUNE BLAST Ingredients: Siberian genseng, Panax ginseng, Organic rosehips powder, Organic rosehips shells, Gourmet garlic granules, Oregano in a blend of a propriety base

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