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Immune Back on Track™ P17 | Strengthen Dog, Cat, Pet Immune System

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Overall Tonic for flues, colds, and liver,
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Strengthen dog, cat or small animal immune system

Does your small animal need natural herbs for pets to boost the immune system when they are run down due to stress, illness or injury?

Immune Back on Track is a synergistic blend of herbs for pets traditionally known for their tonic and antibacterial properties. These herbs are known to invigorate, stimulate, tone and energize the body, while killing or stopping the growth of harmful microorganisms.  It can be beneficial for:
  • Strengthening the immune system to ward off fever, flu, colds and influenza
  • Fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infection
  • Supporting the body’s respiratory and digestive system
Ingredients: Jujube Seeds, Black Seed, Fo ti, Olive Leaf, Tienchi, Mustard Seed, Pau D Arco, Alcohol, Distilled Water, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Cider Vinegar.

Suggested Use:
  • Preventive or Maintenance Dose: Give drops up to 4 times daily
  • Chronic Long-Term Condition: Give drops 2 times daily. It can take up to 6-12 months for rehabilitation and renewal of the pet's immune system.
Choose correct dosage below and place under tongue or add to food
  • Pets under 3 LBS - 2 drops
  • Pets 3-10 LBS - 5 drops
  • Pets 11-20 LBS - 10 drops
  • Pets 21 LBS and up - 15 drops

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