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GARLIC N ROSES with SEAWEED and CANNON BLAST horse herbal reviews - "Good news...Angel, my buckskin, who had low thyroid in January has "perfect thyroid" - per the vet, now.  We just redid his test.  Thank you so much!  He is on Garlic n Roses with Seaweed, 1 scoop a day and plain seaweed - 1/2 a scoop once a day, and finishing his second bucket of Cannon Blast in about 2 weeks."

HERBS OF THE WORLD HORSE BLEEDER PRODUCTS reviews - "Would you like an update on how your herbs are helping my horses?  Prime of your Life first week 5th (should have been 3rd, kind of got a shove in the last turn), however, showed only white mucus, no blood after.  Next start he won last ¼ 30 seconds in slower time than normal, however, he finished strong with same result, observed only white mucus, no blood, so I decided to try some of the Bleeder products on my 5 year old.  He won second time out in a new lifetime mark with a fast last quarter."
Tom Beckwith, Trainer

GARLIC N ROSES with SEAWEED horse herbal reviews - "It was a pleasure talking to you today.  Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.  I would like to tell you once again how pleased I am with the results of Garlic n' Roses with Seaweed.  Our Arab Beau had been diagnosed with Uvitus several years ago.  He used to have many episodes of one eye or the other swelling shut, clouding and tearing until I started him on your formulas.  My vet told us there is no cure for this chronic condition, but your products do keep the flare ups to a minimum.  I am so glad we found you"
Sincerely..Lynn Manna and Beau

TUMOR TIME horse herbal review - "Not only are Loryhl's herbal mixtures miraculous.  Loryhl is a miracle also.  I'll never forget the first time I talked to her about my mare.  Loryhl was so understanding and comforting.  She immediately knew the malady that had afflicted my mare.  I didn't even know the name of the problem, I could only describe the symptoms.  My mare was suffering from Cushings and had subsequently floundered on top of it.  Needless to say, if you know anything about Cushings, my mare who at one time had bright eyes, was always alert and on the muscle, had degenerated into an animal with barely any life in her.  We had to literally drag her into and out of her stall.
Loryhl recommended two of her herbal mixtures...Tumor Time to reduce the tumor and secondly, Garlic and Roses.  She also recommended vegetable based pantothenic acid and B-complex from any health food store or good vitamin shop.  I asked her if I could talk to my vet first and she encouraged working with the vet also.  She willingly gave me the list of ingredients for my vet to review.  Well, my vet saw no issue with any of the ingredients and encouraged moving ahead.  My mare has made a miraculous recovery!  I can't describe the difference only to say that she is again bright eyed, alert and on the muscle!  I am riding again and thanking God for the miraculous recovery and for the knowledge that Loryhl is so willing to share."
Bob Powell,        Pottstown, PA

EASY BREATH horse herbal review - "Thank you for recommending Easy Breathe and Breath of Win-D.  Before I started using them my mare, Computer Diana, was suffering from chronic lung problems (mucus/EIPH). In a short period of time, with the help of your products, she was able to return to her winning ways.  Thank you so much."
Sincerely....David L Muench

"I can't thank you enough for helping cure our horse of his bleeding problems. My daughter is a 3 day eventer and our lovely 14 year old thoroughbred Skyy started bleeding during the cross country phases of events last summer.  He was always perfect schooling, but when we went to the events by the 4rth or 5th cross country fence, he would start to cough and then have to be pulled out due to excessive bleeding from the nose.
The first time it happened we were told by the Show Veterinarian that Skyy was probably a bleeder and that we should try Lasix.  I checked with the USEA drug committee and was told that Lasix was not allowable 24 hours before the event, thus no help to us.  I started researching bleeders and found Herbs of the World on the internet.  I admit I was skeptical and didn't immediately send away for the products.  We shipped Skyy to Montana from California for another event and sure enough he bled by the 5th fence.
We decided to sell him as a jumper because we knew he wouldn't bleed in the show ring.  As luck would have it, horse sales slowed down, it was October after all, and I decided that we really loved this horse and I would check out Loryhl's herbs and see if a few months with herbs and no competing would help the situation.  I just couldn't give up on him yet.
I started Skyy on 3 scoops a day of Bloodless Victory as well as a scoop a day of Essence of Peace to keep him calm. He had often had thick white mucus in his nostrils after work and I watched his nose carefully.  We kept him in work, but no competitions.  I take him for trail rides occasionally, but for the most part we went back to basic schooling for the winter.
In March I sent him with the trainer to a Cross Country facility with the instructions that she was to get him out of the stall, warm him up for 5 minutes and then hit the cross country course and jump at least 20 fences and gallop a total of 20 minutes.  I got an excited call from the trainer's husband with the news that Skyy had not bled.  He had no drainage of any sort from his nostrils and while sweaty, could have gone on for more.
Three days before going Cross Country, I put him on 1 scoop of Korean Stop Bleedin' a day, 1 scoop of Run for Your Life a day, and 1 teaspoon Chinese Bleeder Liquid each day as well as the Bloodless Victory and double the normal Essence of Peace.
I actually found his original owner during this process and she told me that he had never raced because he was such a bad bleeder and the breeder had given the horse away to her.  So Skyy had been a bleeder all his life, he just hadn't been challenged by his other owners until we got him.
Last week my daughter took him to her first Schooling Event at Training Level and did all three phases in one day.  Because she had a stop on the Cross Country course, the trainer sent her back and made her do the course a second time.  Then Skyy went on to jump the stadium course twice as well.
They were both tired, but happy. My daughter is so excited to have her wonderful event horse back and not have to worry about selling him and finding another bold guy.
I highly recommend Loryhl's Bleeder Program and she was so helpful through it all.  I asked lots of questions, got immediate answers and the product has always been shipped immediately when I order it.
Sincerely...MJ Wickham    Santa Rose, CA

"We had some problems with Bouncer's feet when we upped his work level getting ready for the National Pony Driving Championships... but the Garlic and Roses with Seaweed really helped.  Bouncer is now getting ready for the series of selection trials hoping to be selected to the US team of ponies going to the World Championship in England...I feel that without this great product, we wouldn't be in the running.  Thank you Loryhl"
Muffy Seaton
Reserve National Combined Pony Champion 2004

"I heard about your horse herbal products through a friend, and I decided to try them to see if what she had said was true.  They truly are amazing and I am so very glad that I found out about them.  My horses look and feel 100% better.  Thanks!!!!"
Beth in Arizona

"I have a 6 year old gelding that had a Sarcoid at the corner of the mouth about 3" long and 1½" wide and it extended out about ¼".  Zip has been on Equishield 9 weeks and the Sarcoid has reduced to half of the original size, it is only about 1" x 1".  His internal Sarcoids appear to be getting smaller as well.  It has worked wonders for him.  Our veterinarian said not to bet the farm yet on them going away but he was really impressed as he is always looking for new ideas to treat Sarcoids.  Thanks again."
Laurie Braman

"I just wanted to let you know how much better my horse "A Bully" is running since I started him on your herbs back at the beginning of December.  I don't know how much difference the cold weather has made, but he is breathing much better and running a lot harder.  After discussing my horse with Shugie Stoneman, I found that I needed to increase the amount of "Run For Your Life" that I was giving him before a show to get better results.  I only increased it from ½ scoop per meal a couple of days ahead to ¾ scoop per meal.  What a difference!  I'll be in touch to order more soon.  Thanks"
Gina Murdick, Slippery Rock, PA