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Hop A Long™ P39

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Injuries, trauma, weakness, dogs, car accidents, broken bones
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Rebuild and Rejuvenate Pet Health

Has your small animal been injured and suffer with nerve damage, broken bones, or muscles deterioration and need natural herbs for pets to rebuild and rejuvenate?

Hop Along is a blend of herbs for pets traditionally used successfully to support small animals that have been injured, abused, stressed, or malnourished. These herbs nourish and support the entire body so small animals begin to thrive. This natural buffer, high in B vitamins and minerals soothe the mucous membranes and promote healing. Settlers crossing the plains used slippery elm bark and marshmallow root gruel to keep  babies, whose mother's died giving birth, alive on the journey. It can be beneficial for:
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Providing anti-oxidants to prevent free radical damage
  • Repairing and regrowing healthy tissue and bone
  • Fighting the effects of aging
  • Repairing nerve ending damage
  • Replenishing muscle and protein loss
  • Strengthening weak constitution and shaky legs poor appetite
Ingredients: Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rosehips, Chia Seeds, Camu Camu, Mangosteen, Turmeric, Siberian Ginseng, Dulse, Kelp, Beetroot, Chinese Yam, Nettles

Suggested Use: 
  • Preventive or Maintenance: Give drops 4 times a day
  • Chronic Long-term Illness: Give drops 2 times a day. Keep in mind it can take up to 6-12 months to rehab and renew the immune system
Choose correct dosage below and place under tongue or add to food.
  • Pets under 3 LBS - 2 drops
  • Pets 3-10 LBS  - 5 drops
  • Pets 11-20 LBS - 10 drops
  • Pets 21 LBS and over - 15 drops

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