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Herbal Solutions for People


Herbs Of The World is committed to providing alternative health options for horses, pets, and people.  We offer bulk organic, non-fumigated, non-irradiated herbs, custom formulations, and prepared herbal blends for your horses' and pets' natural health.  We also provide Herbal Programs for specific health issues.


Herbal Program for High Blood Pressure

Program for High Blood Pressure in Humans, 
Suggested, with Your Medical Doctors Approval

- Purchase a blood pressure cuff, check and record your blood pressure daily, at key times
- visit your Medical Doctor regularly for followup
- Eliminate nightshades out of your diet, they can cause or help to cause hardening of the arteries & calcification ( proven scientifically, see Dr Norman Childers, research on nightshades and arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, heart, liver, cancer, correlation).  Potatoes ( not yams or sweet potatoes, just regular potatoes), tomatoes, eggplant, green,  red and  yellow peppers, paprika, tobacco are all nightshades.   You will have to read labels, not only for chemicals, but for nightshades, it is in so many foods, and if you are susceptible, you have to watch for this.

-Make sure your diet is rich in essential fatty acids, 3-6-9.  o this through diet as much as possible by eating salmon, cold water fish, some chicken, etc , and limit red meat to once a week.
-Eat  lots of greens in your diet, drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily , a key to eating this way is to have 75% of  food on the plate, raw, 25% cooked or as a protein if desired, or if you are a vegetarian, use nuts, raw, or whole grains.

- There are many supplements and herbs you can also use, but diet is the best.  New research shows we are using far too many supplements, and need to eat better, more nutritious foods instead.  Do take supplements periodically or for a specific item missing in your diet, eat well, and do use herbs daily in your food.   Red Rice Yeast , Hawthorne berry, Billberry all have been proven to be helpful, as well as many other herbs and vitamins. Don't over kill, by taking too much.

- Maintain a clean bowel.   Autopsies done on even young children in our culture, show 10-15 lbs of heavy ropey goop in the bowels, in adults, 10 to 100 lbs of this goop has been seen in the bowel.   This excess can press on the femoral artery, and cause extra pressure as well as cause many other health problems.   A person with high blood pressure, in many cases does not have a clean bowel.   We suggest you use our Life Force Fiber Food, with 20 added herbs in this psyllium based formula, including Ayervedic triphella, as an extra bowel tonic and mild cleanser.   It is good for reducing cholesterol, due to its high fiber content and herbal mix.   Even children or elderly folks can use this mild, proven formula.

- Use flower essences to help " unstick where stuck", ( Larch, Oak etc) it works , with this condition, the person has an area or two in there lives that is stuck.

- Place  castor oil packs on the abdomen, to loosen and get the Chi flowing and reduce inflammation.

- High blood pressure and inflammation go together, research shows a huge correlation between heart and lung disease, cancer, and memory loss  with chronic inflammation
- Walk and get moving, deep breathing, sing, laugh, and think about the color green, blue and healing white.
- Walk barefoot in sand, grass dirt, snow, 15 mins daily to reground body to electrical currents of the earth, and allow the body to regroup.