Herbs For Pets

Not so long ago, our domestic dogs and cats roamed wild, thriving on carnivorous diets and the stomach contents of their prey. This included partially digested herbs, seeds, wild grains and vegetables. Today their diets have changed and may not provide the nutrients necessary for good health and longevity. Herbs of the World offers fresh, high quality powdered ORGANIC HERBS in dry formula, tincture, and essential oils to meet these dietary needs. Our pet products are safe alternatives to conventional supplements for preventative or maintenance use. Herbs for pets can be beneficial for:
  • Providing essential nutrients for improved health and wellness
  • Providing anti-oxidant protection from free radical damage
  • Improving injury or illness related recovery times
  • Easing the side effects of aging
Herbs of the World uses green, safe packaging. We provide educational materials and articles to help care for your pets in a way that puts your mind at ease. Try our products for your best friend's health and longevity. You and your pets will be happy you did!
Herbal Products made with 100% Natural Herbs (Total Items: 49 )
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 Cellular Detox P56 | For Pets
Black Cat Oil P43
Black Seed Oil for Dogs P50
Cat-9 Shield P46
Easy Pee P57 | For Pets
Easy Steppe for Pets P55
Hop A Long P39
In Defense Essential Oil P40
Paragone P48 | Pet Wormer
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Smelly Cat 2oz P52
Soothe the Sugar P59
Ten Done P58 | For Pets
Thumper P53 | For Pets
Tumor Time for Pets P24
Well Oiled Pet P61