Horses are herbivores, it makes sense to provide them with herbal nutrition, when in a captive environment, stalls, racetracks and paddocks.  Below are suggested herbs and herbal blends for our equine partners.

Essence of Peace:

Herbal formula for calming the competitive horse prior to competition and to calm and focus the energy needed to perform at peak. Herbal nutrition to steady the beating of the heart, soothe the stomach, nurture the nerves under stress , calm the spirit, relieve muscle tension, horses are less likely to develop body soreness also less soreness from over production of adrenalin . Pre- event, 1 scoop two times daily one or two days prior to event, and day of event. Does not test in EFI or race regulation laws.

“ …. Essence of Peace has worked well to calm my horses and settle them in without making them dozy before competition”. Barbara Schulte, renowned Cutting Horse Trainer and Clinician

Garlic N Roses with Oregano:

Long used by horses of all disciplines, as a mild anti inflammatory, beautification, hoof and immune system strengthener, cardio vascular heath, anti arthritic all around wonderful preventative blend for the equine athlete. With rosehips and its natural and tasty fruity, yet sour flavour high in bio flavanoids and natural vitamin C, horses love it. We also add just a very small touch of oregano for immune system benefits.

Add seaweed to this blend for Garlic with Seaweed, and you have the added benefit of sea mineral, as well as the Garlic n Roses blend, add astragalus and shcizandra berry, and you potentize the formula with Chinese arthritis and circulatory herbs as well as added immune system benefits.

“….Loryhl has provided me with a special herbal mix for specific for specific horses, I can say I have been personally satisfied with her mixes”. Carl Nafzger, Thoroughbred Trainer


Natural mind and hormonal body balancer for Stallions, Geldings, and certain types of Mares.

This is a synergistic formula used by many of the top equine athletes, who tend to wash out before competing and worry unnecessarily, or act “studdish” too often!! This formula may be given daily. Poise does not test positive in competition. The added benefits are also in the immune system as a strengthener and also anti arthritic. Suggested for “tough” “hyper” geldings, stalllions and “studdish” mares.

“…..Tivi had her first show !00% stress free in the year I have owned her, daily use of Poise, and pre eventing with Essence of Peace, has really helped her!” Kirsten Robbie, Sunshine Riding Academy.

Yucca with Devils Claw and Myrrh, or with Tumeric:

So many competitive and older horses who would have been other wise retired use the Yucca blend, with a Garlic blend to keep them going. Yucca is renowned for reducing the effects of agina dn arthritis, with devils claw, a natural anti inflammatory, it is an excellent long term solution. Add tumeric to the blend if requested or use our high quality tumeric on its own, daily and you will have the best, in anti arthritic and also an aid to the liver and blood sugar utilization and balancing for the equine body..

“…..my 27 yr old horse who has a slipped disc in his neck has been doing really well since I started giving him the Garlic N Roses and Yucca with Devils Claw!! “ Cari Bower

Psycho Sally

This special blend focuses on the difficult mare or filly, that is excitable, worries and may have some hormonal imbalance. Herbs to nurture and calm the nervous system and to provide the herbal foods for the female balance.

“……my mare is doing great, on the Psycho Sally. She is a different horse!!! Thanks again for such a great product.” Lynn Stamos