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Herbal Support for Laminitis/Founder


Walk or ride horse on pavement everyday for at least 10-15 mins. This is highly effective. Feed the Garlic and Roses with Astragalus and Schizandra berry blendto horses with founder and laminitis. It helps with pain and inflammation, and hoof growth comes in great. 
Put them on sparse pasture, like a mountain side with local herbs and foliage. This is one of the best therapies. One really bad founder mare was to the point the she was lying down and did not want to get up. Feet were just starting to get hot. Now we ride her for drill team, and she gets rode pretty hard, often, and she is sound as long as we keep her on the regimen. She is ¾ Morgan and ¼ QH. 

I put her back on the 45 acre pasture on the mountain with spring water and wet areas, lots of dry areas and rocks and within 2 days she was like nothing was wrong again.
These horses need as natural environment as possible to be well, is what I am thinking.
When I got her, it took her about 2 weeks to start her walking sounder on the 45 acre pasture, and since a lot of progress. I believe if someone owned her who did not understand this, she would founder again quickly.

 Herbal Support for Canker

Soak in epsom salts with tea tree also in it, use Garlic with astragalus and Schizandra berry, this is phenomenal for kicking microbial butt, and healing, and circulation for the difficult.  Feed the garlic blend with the soak twice a day if possible, but at least at nite.  Place our  wound bandage on the bottom too during the day. I know canker should be kept dry, surprisingly, the wound bandage is effective for many things. i.e. proud flesh.  It acts as a  natural bandage, it doesn't hurt, and it is naturally drying.  Brush on neem oil with tea tree added if necessary.
Walk on cement or pavement 10 minutes two times daily. This will help the garlic blend increase the circulation to the area.