Herbs for EIPH

We treat the Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhaging horses with herbs, and we have had success.


Suggested Herbal Support for Horses with EIPH

(Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage)


EIPH, means some horses bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion, pulling, racing, barrel racing, heavy training etc. The problem is very common, and despite much research by top veterinary experts, no one is quite sure what causes it, or what to do about it.


Recent studies have shown as much or more than 90% of racehorses, have EIPH, while racing. Some cases are more severe than others, with visible bleeding and visible distress, while others are not noticeable at all unless “scoped” by a veterinarian.

The newest research done in the UK, states that some horses have a higher impact when running or exercising, and this causes a ripple in the chest cavity, causing pulmonary hemorrhage. A lengthy and very controversial subject is shoeing, the impact of a horse hitting the ground at high speeds causes much greater stress on the internal organs, joints and bones. Some areas of the world now allow “barefoot racing”, such as Australia and parts of the UK,  the State of Kentucky  in the US and some endurance races. As a company, Herbs of the World supports the “Natural Horse” including responsible, informed barefoot competitive horse events, and a more natural life style for the horses that do compete. It is suggested and highly recommended to provide the equine athlete with not only the herbs, but also the chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and essential oils as needed.  A complete program is the best way to manage a competitive horse holistically.

Several other possible causes of EIPH are:

  • horses running in races that are too fast for there ability,
  • genetics, a pre-disposition to EIPH,
  • horses that are running on the turf, that need to run on dirt,  horses that are running on the dirt and need to run on the turf ( probably a tie in to shoeing and impact as well as ability and terrain),
  • over use of  “track drugs” causing nutrient deficiency and damage to internal organs, toxins and inflammation ,making the equine body regenerate unhealthy cells , weakened and inflamed cells. This is coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle and processed, pesticide feeds and little to no access to green grass  and D3 from sunlight all contribute to this problem. The liver is often very involved in the toxic conditions of lung health, complicated by storage of track drugs and other poisons.
  • infections, once the horse has bled from the lungs, this may cause scar tissue, infections and mucous buildup, which can make it likely the horse will bleed more and more each time it runs.

Herbs of the World has developed a very effective, safe and herbally nutritious program for competitive horses that have EIPH. As with all changes and additions to a horses daily routine or diet, consulting a vet or holistic vet is recommended, especially for the competitive horses.

For the last 10 years, the following herbs and herbal blends have been used in North America, Europe and Australia, in conjunction with vet prescribed drugs, with no adverse side effects to the horse. The horse actually comes back from the race in better condition, and quicker race recovery than usual. Think of this as adding more salad, veggies, whole foods and essential fatty acids to your own diet , you will be healthier, your horse will have the benefits of, “race stronger and last longer”. Feeding herbs to the equine athlete makes complete sense, and is really the most humane and also the best way to get your horse to the top competitively, whether they are a bleeder or not, there are herbs for every type of horse, from no problems, just maintenance, to the most serious injury or diseases.

The following are race proven blends with explanations on herbal traditions and how they may benefit the body.  

Bloodless Victory™This is a daily tonic formula used to reduce bleeding, strengthen and tone the respiratory system, internal organs, and to cleanse and nurture the blood, in the Equine Athlete. This blend provides minerals, from the seaweed and vegetable plants, vitamins, that are plant based. The focus is on the lungs, but herbs for the liver kidney, blood and over all vitality have been added to ensure less stress and more nutrition for the horse under possible duress.
 Because this formula was designed for horses that bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion. We suggest you scope the horse to monitor the effects of EIPH herbs and herbal program. All the herbs and usages listed here have been  traditionally utilized by herbal folklorists for many generations.

  Ingredients: Yarrow, Rose Hips, Cranesbill, Agrimony, Shepherd’s Purse, Parsley Leaf, Horehound, Nettle, Beth Root, Lungwort, Burdock Root, Beet Root, Dandelion Root, Bladderwrack, Camomile, Dulse, Tienchi Bark, Schizandra Berries. Suggested Use: 3-6 one oz.  scoops per day for at least 30 days to start, then continue at 3 scoops per day. For best results pre-event with Chinese Bleeder Liquid, Run For Your Life and Korean Stop Bleedin before heavy work. 50 oz = 105 Scoops

Chinese Bleeder Liquid: Herbs traditionally used to support reducing bleeding and strengthening the lungs. Designed for horses that bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion, and put into a liquid form so that it goes right in to the bloodstream and is used as an herbal nutrient for the competing horse under race or competitive stress.  Ingredients: Tienchi, Schizandra Extract, Trifolium pendulum,raw Beet Juice, raw parsley juice, Cynanchum,Loquat Leaf, Lotus Rhizome Node, Artemisia, Honey, Glycerine, Cider Vinegar,Peppermint Oil. Suggested Use: 45 cc 2 times daily 2- 4 days before heavy work and day of heavy work. For best results use with Bloodless Victory or complete bleeder program. 32 ozs

Run For Your Life: A very special and effective blend of Chinese traditional herbs and herbalism. Designed to promote more efficient oxygen exchange between the lungs and the blood, so any horse that is involved in strenuous activity can benefit by using it . Added to this blend are the Chinese herbs that will also help stop EIPH, clear fluid and mucous from the lungs and allow the horse to recover more quickly after racing. This formula does not test in racing or showing, has been used all over the world, and is an herbal clem buterol, or bronchio dialator. The following herbs are non toxic and are a valuable tool when used by horses in the competitive environment. It is important to provide them with this alternative for their health and well being, and to prevent so many of the problems that arise from the life of a race horse. Used as a pre race or given in small doses, daily as needed for horses that experience difficulty breathing when in humid, hot or instances where breathing may be difficult, due to allergies. Ingredients: Gui Zhi, Jie Geng, Huang Qui, Dan Sheng, Na Sha Shen, Bei Sha Shen, Chuan Jiao Pi, Tian Qui, Kun Bu, Xian He Cao

 Korean Stop Bleeding: Blended by a Korean herbalist, taking the traditions of China and Korea to make a blend that assists the body to withstand the pounding it takes when running or racing, and being prone to bleed from the lungs. This blend is given as a pre event, and not on a daily basis, though it can be given if a serious injury for a 10 day period as needed. Ingredients: Cyanchum, loquat leaf, lotus rhizome node, artemesia.

A Recent Testimonial

Once again, thank you for your help and for your wonderful products. We had a four-year-old gelding that bled through Lasix in a race. He was put on your Bleeder Program and worked a half-mile yesterday. Not only did he work well and gallop out strongly, he scoped absolutely clean!! We are really looking forward to his next race.

Eva Smithwick 
Assistant Trainer
Louisville, Ky.