Doggie Ice Cream Recipes

Use the little Dixie cups to put the mixture in and then freeze in freezer bags. When ready to serve put one Dixie cup put into the microwave for just 2-3 sec. to soften  slightly, and then pop it out of the cup in their bowl.  You can also simply leave the Dixie cup on the counter for a minute or two if you prefer not to use a microwave.   An extraordinary healthy treat when it's hot outside...

recipe #1.

32 oz tub of plain or vanilla yogurt

2 tbs. of sugar free,  natural applesauce

2 tbs of honey

Add herbs for the dog if on herbs, flax meal, or any other nutritive.


recipe #2

32 oz tub of vanilla yogurt (I use fat free)

1 large jar of banana baby food

2 Tbsp of peanut butter

2 tsp of honey

1 crushed peanut butter dog biscuit (medium to large size)

mix in any additional herbs or flax meal or nutritives and

put in the small cups or ice cube trays.

Herbal Meatballs

60 Meatball's is a month's supply. (1 meatball twice a day) To conveniently store each batch of meatballs, freeze and take out as needed.


Use 1 lb. or more of an organic raw meat from beef, turkey, chicken, fish, or wild game.  For fish meatballs use an organic egg as a binder.

Mix into each meatball with the suggested formula or herb, each meatball should contain one serving.

Helpful Hints: Add fresh finely chopped cilantro or parsley to each meatball, about 1/4 tsp. per meatball.

Add flax oil or fish oil to each meatball to give your pet's skin and coat an extra boost.  This will also help fight arthritis and aging.

For animals with compromised immune systems, slightly cook the meatballs in the oven adding an organic egg.