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MASTITIS - HERBAL PROGRAM- for Whelping Season

Mastitis is an infection of the milk ducts. It is likely to occur early in a dog's first experience with nursing. Until the pups learn to suckle strongly, and the inexperienced dog learns to let her milk down, the pups demand and the female's milk production may be imbalanced.

Females who have pre-existing scar tissue from an injury, or who may have toxic overload, and those who are improperly nourished are all more likely to develop inflammation in the area of the nipple or milk ducts. There is always a risk of a mastitis infection developing in a duct which is temporarily blocked or left unemptied during successive feeds.

In traditional cultures when they saw early signs of mastitis or other breast feeding problems they would provide an experienced baby to suckle on the new mother to assist in nipple development and thus help clear potential blockages in newly functioning ducts.

A very effective aid in clearing blocked milk ducts and preventing early infection is to apply Castor Oil packs to the nipple after each feed, and wash it away before the next feed. Castor Oil is an amazing drawing and moving agent. It will assist blocked ducts to clear within two or three feeds. Make sure you apply it liberally, and gently rub it in, in clockwise motions. The female animal may be very sore and tender. If needed, you can apply several times daily.

If assistance is required due to a more advanced cast of mastitis, or if a female’s immunity is depleted for any reason, it is useful to provide an anti-infective mix which is safe for baby in support of her attempts to clear a mastitis infection.

We mix a specific blend with herbs from live oregon grape root, Echinacea, myrrh, peppermint, golden seal, etc. This blend is designed to reduce inflammation, build the immune system, and help with the natural healing processes of the body. There are also homeopathics which can be used to support the body also, such as Rhus, Tox, Arnica etc.

Taking the herbal blend, or the homeopathics as needed, daily and the Castor Oil application will assist in clearing the Mastitis quickly. Chamomile will also help relax the parasympathetic nervous systems responses involved in the letdown process. Make sure to give ready access to plenty of fresh, pure water to provide extra fluid. 

A clean diet of raw and or steamed foods, in as natural and organic state as possible, with vegetables, and or high quality dry food, free from chemicals and processed foods, is highly recommended. This diet, along with herbs, and other holistic modalities, can and will allow the natural “Chi” of the body to flow, without blockage.

There is nothing more important for a new born and it's mother then nursing, and the baby should not be denied this nourishment at all costs.