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Herbs Of The World is committed to providing alternative health options for horses, pets, and people.  We offer bulk organic, non-fumigated, non-irradiated herbs, custom formulations, and prepared herbal blends for your horses' and pets' natural health.  We also provide Herbal Programs for specific health issues.


Herbal Cleansing /Detox Diet

Cleansing Program, Suggested to Detox:

As with all changes in your diet, first consult your Physician

Part One:  Follow this cleansing / detox diet regime, FOR AS  LONG AS  YOU CAN, but try for at least a minimum of two weeks .

Eat only fruit and approximately 10 fresh, soaked almond a day.  You can have as much fruit as you like, but limit yourself to one banana only.  You can apples, oranges, peaches, berries, avcadoes, pears, cherries, etc. in unlimited quantities.

Supplement your diet with Life Force Fiber Food, 1 Tspn. 6-10 times per day, and any other suggested herbs and teas.  Drink plenty of water as well.

For exercise do several minutes of deep breathing, walking barefoot in the grass or sand, or alternatively lay on the ground to improve vitality and recenter your body with electromagnetic energy.


Part Two:  DO THE FOLLOWING Gall Bladder FLUSH:

For two days, while still only eating fruit; on every hour, (for nine hours each day)      

drink ½ c. extra virgin olive oil, ½ c. prune juice and one half lemon juice (freshly squeezed)


2.) for the nine hours, (every hour) drink , 2 tbsp. olive oil, with 1 tbsp. lemon, and ¼ c. prune juice 

or, 3).  Drink it all at once, at bedtime, lay on your left side to sleep.  This positions your stomach to decrease reflux and aide digestive movement.  

Gall Bladder Flush option #2