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Give er to my Liver H31 | People Benefit

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Give er to my Liver | People benefit

Very mild liver tonic that may be taken daily, to nourish the liver and protect it from environmental toxins.  This may be alternated with a gentle but strong formula Liver Up.

Environmental toxins such as chemicals in our food, the air, and overloading of stress all creates toxins that build up in our liver.  When the liver is not functioning well, feelings of lethargy, depression, apathy (lack of interest), try using Give er to my Liver to regain a feeling of well being as the toxins are removed from your body.

hepatitis C, Liver damage from drugs or alcohol abuse, people who are run down from stress or poor diet.

Herbs traditionally used to support and nourish the liver.

Suggested Use:  1 to tspns twice daily.


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