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EZ Breathe, Horses with Breathing Difficulty Herbal Support
EZ Breathe, Horses with Breathing Difficulty Herbal Support

Easy Breathe™ EQ18 | Horses with Breathing Problems Herbal Support

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Herbal Albuterol for horses
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Horse Respiratory Problems, Allergies, Mucous,  Heaves

Need an herbal alternative to conventional horse supplements for breathing problems including allergies, mucus, and heaves?
Easy Breath is a proprietary blend of Chinese and North American herbs for horses traditionally known to support respiratory health. It acts like an herbal bronchiole dilator and can be used as a preventative or to treat the symptoms of respiratory ailments. Use Easy Breathe for horses that may have heaves, the “snots”, OCD or allergies to dust, mold or pollen. Many competitive horses have used it as a preventative or during the breaks between doses of Bloodless Victory, part of our EIPH program.   Easy Breathe does not contain ingredients that test or are forbidden in FEI competition, it may be beneficial for:

  • Relieving respiratory problems associated with EIPH
  • Keeping lung tissue resilient and healthy especially after performance
  • Providing relief from allergies, runny nose, and asthma
  • Encouraging more efficient respiration for better oxygen exchange from lungs to blood
  • Supporting breathing problems associated with OCD, lung tissue scarring and green snot
  • Improving overall health and resilience.
  • Overall Preventative health for horses with EIPH
  • Providing more oxygen to stressed performance horses

For maximum effectiveness we suggest using Easy Breathe in conjunction with:

  • Hack No More Liquid or Garlic N Roses with Seaweed to help dry up mucous and boost immune system
  • Thumper herbal electrolye blend to soothe the respiratory system and provide essential minerals and prevent dehydration during competition
  • Liver Up at least twice a year to release toxins from the liver, which can contribute to improved lung wellness. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests recurrent lung issues can indicate a stagnant liver.

We recommend using our Bleeder Program products   prior to competition to protect the lungs. This may reduce pulmonary stress, especially in a horse that stops during competitions due to difficulty breathing or the lungs filling with fluid or blood.

Ingredients:  Wild Crafted Sage, Comfrey, Gui Zhi, Jie Geng, Huang Qi, Dan Sheng, Nan Sha Shen, Bei Sha Shen, Chuan Jiao Pi, Tian Qi, Kun Bu, Xian He Cao, Garlic, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Mullein, Coltsfoot, Rosehips.

Suggested Use:

  • 3 TBS twice daily for 30 days, then 3 TBS daily for maintenance, 6 days a week or until horse is better.
  • PreEvent: 3 TBS twice daily 2 days before and 2 days after a race.

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