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EZ Motion Garlic™ EQ68 | Energy, Muscle, Joint Health for Horses

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Benefits nervous system, immune syste, natural heart rhythm
Product ID: EQ68
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Antibiotic, Anti-Inflammatory Immune Support

Does your competitive or aging horse need a natural product that offers immune, circulatory and anti oxidant support plus focuses on joint health by reducing pain and inflammation?

We added garlic, also known as “nature’s antibiotic", to a proprietary blend of herbs for horses traditionally used for their anti inflammatory and muscle, bone and joint support properties. This blend is formulated to support your horse’s muscles, bones, hooves, and sinew in order to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. It also provides support to the nervous, immune, cardio-vascular and digestive systems. E-Z Motion Garlic is safe for long term daily use and can be beneficial for:

  • Reducing muscle and joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, aging and injury.
  • Having a detoxifying effect on all the body systems
  • Building endurance and energy
  • Strengthening the bodies defenses against allergens and diseases
  • Strengthening blood vessels and equalizing blood pressure
  • Killing and expelling parasites
  • Providing protein, vitamins and minerals

Customers asked for an herbal blend in a garlic base for their competitive horses in heavy training that would support joint and muscle health to reduce the risk of injury and arthritis and they love E-Z Motion Garlic!

Suggested Use: Begin with 3 TBS two times daily in moist feed for 30-90 days, reduce to 3 TBS once a day.

Ingredients: Garlic, Organic Turmeric, Eucommia Bark, Eleuthero, Wild Crafted Artemesia Dentata, Rosehips, Organic Beet Root, Organic Carrot Chips, Spearmint, Yucca Schidegera

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