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Chinese Bleeder Liquid EIPH for Horses | Horse Heavy Exertion
Chinese Bleeder Liquid EIPH for Horses | Horse Heavy Exertion

Chinese Bleeder Liquid™ EIPH EQ91 | Horse Heavy Exertion Respiratory Problems

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Designed for horses that bleed from the lungs during heavy exertion
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EIPH PRE EVENT Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

Need a natural alternative to conventional supplements or treatments for your horse that bleeds from the lungs, washes out, and needs a quicker recovery during or after heavy exertion?

Our Chinese Bleeder Liquid with raw live enzymes from fresh beets, zucchini, greens, carrots, and parsley is a proprietary blend of boiled herbs for horses and essential oils formulated for horses that suffer from EIPH and to be used pre event. It immediately enters the blood stream to provide nourishment during stress and competition and to produce more efficient respiration. Pure, raw local honey full of natural minerals and enzymes is added to maintain wellness, especially during performance stress. This liquid replenishes the blood and nurtures internal organs with healing plant based nutrients so your horse can "Race stronger and last longer in their Racing Career". Consult your vet about EIPH. Chinese Bleeder Liquid can be beneficial for:

-Strengthening the horse’s lungs to assist breathing and increase breathing capacity
-Reducing lung hemorrhage resulting from EIPH in competitive racehorses.
-Encouraging increased oxygen to blood ratio for better performance
-Reducing recovery times from physical exertion of competition
-Increasing endurance
-Reducing respiratory issues and lessening scar tissue.
-Detoxifying the blood of environmental pollutants, drugs, etc.
-Reducing stress
-Strengthen “Chi” to nurture cells and body tissues, especially mucous membranes

For maximum benefit we suggest using in combination with our:

  • Bloodless Victory EQ39 daily tonic to reduce bleeding, strengthen and tone the respiratory system, internal organs, and to cleanse and nurture the blood.

Consult your vet about EIPH. Herbs of the World highly suggest that horses with EIPH use the full EIPH Bleeder Progam for optimal results. See our article "Suggested Herbal Support for Horses with Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH)"

Ingredients: Tienchi, Schizandra Extract, Trifolium pendulum, Beet Juice, Cynanchum, Loquat Leaf, Lotus Rhizome Node, Organic Turmeric Artemisia, Honey, Glycerin, Cider Vinegar, Peppermint Oil.

Suggested Use: Pre Event: 45cc 2-3 times daily for 2-4 days before and the day of heavy work.

Available Quantities:
32 oz  


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