Cannon Blast EQ14 | Horse Performance Injury Support
Cannon Blast | Horse Performance Injury Natural Supplements

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Cannon Blast EQ14 | Horse Performance Injury Support

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Has your horse injured, bruised, or broken bones or been born with genetic defects involving the bones and muscles and need an herbs for horses blend to help nourish and build healthy tissue and bone blasts?

Cannon Blast is an herbs for horses blend traditionally used to support and encourage healthy bone blasts. It also provides plant based minerals from land and sea, essential to repairing broken, bruised or damaged tissue and bone. This proprietary blend of mucilaginous herbs offers an adhesive, coating, expansive property for the gut and contains soothing qualities for healing. This tasty natural herb salad is simply added to your horses feed and can be beneficial for:

  • Promoting healthy cell growth and repair when your horse experiences broken, bruised or abnormal bone growth or lack of consistency.
  • Treating race and work related leg injuries including equine fractures or bone blasts.
  • Promoting better food absorption for maximum nutrition.
  • Reducing excessive stomach acid often common with injury.
  • Reducing pain with no adverse side effects.
  • Improving healing and recovery time.
  • Treating OCD in young horses

Long-time competitors in the Equine industry have used Cannon Blast on their hardest working performance horses for over 20 years on North American and European racetracks. It was originally formulated for a Standard bred racehorse that had a broken cannon bone.  Trainers kept the horse on Cannon Blast  in combination with Garlic n Roses with Seaweed, for increased circulation and minerals for 6 months. At that time, the horse was pronounced sound.

For additional benefits use in combination with:

While Cannon Blast is an excellent natural herbal treatment for equine fractures and racing injuries, we advise you to CONSULT YOUR VET about serious injuries, genetic weaknesses and care during recovery.

Suggested Use: 3 TBS twice daily until 2-4 large bags have been used. After initial 30 days, use 6 days a week for 2-6 months depending on the horse, type of injury and recovery. 

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm, Kelp, Dulse, Rose Hips, Green Beans, Organic Beet and Carrot, Schizandra Berry, White Willow, Siberian Ginseng, Fo ti, Nettle, Parsley Root, Artemesia Dentata, Licorice Root.

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