Brace Yourself With DMSO EQ12 | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment
Brace Yourself With DMSO | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment

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Brace Yourself With DMSO EQ12 | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment

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Does your aging or competitive horse need an all natural non toxic liniment or brace with  a “pinch” of DMSO to make soreness, windpuffs, swelling, strained ligaments, over work or strain less of a problem?

Brace Yourself with DMSO is a blend of herbs for horses traditionally known for strengthening tendons, reducing swelling, alleviating pain or strain associated with overwork or aging.  We’ve added Arnica, traditionally known for its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. We’ve also added Dragons Blood, a popular herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditionally used to tighten tendons and ligaments, alleviate muscle stress, pain, and inflammation. 

Our popular non-toxic equine first aid liniment offers a natural alternative to horse liniments containing toxic ingredients and can be beneficial for: 
  • Providing relief for lameness, swollen and sore tendons, ligaments and muscles. 
  • Minimizing the effects of tissue trauma to assist the healing process 
  • Relieving pain and reducing inflammation associated with strained tendons, over work, inflammation
  • Reducing the risk of injury by strengthening ligaments and increasing flexibility by increasing circulation and reducing swelling pre event and after event
  • Increasing circulation for faster healing and overall wellness
  • Eliminating exposure to toxic ingredients found in conventional liniments
Suggested Use: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Apply topically as a soothing liniment before and after work on the legs, back, shoulder or neck of your horse.  Do not use on open wounds or cuts. This may be used as a sweat 4 days a week.

For additional support, use in combination with the following herbal formulas:
Free Flowin Herbal Formula to support reducing inflammation, pain, strengthen joints and muscles, and relieving lower back pain
Garlic n Roses with Astragalus and Schizandra Berries for its anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be beneficial in reducing pain and for its additional immune system support.

Ingredients: Arnica, Lavender, Yarrow, White sage, Asparagus, Bee Pollen, Myrrh, Poplar Buds, Eucalyptus, Dragons Blood, DMSO, Camphor, Noni, Cider VInegar, Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin.

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