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Black Seed Oil for Dogs P50

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Pet Antibiotic Alternative

Do you need a natural herbal antibiotic for your dog?

Black Seed Oil is an herbs for pet product known for its antibiotic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Many health experts claim that it is, indeed, a true panacea; able to help cure everything from allergies to hypertension.  It is a safe, plant-based viable alternative to conventional supplements and can be beneficial for:
  • Killing multi-drug resistant "superbugs" associated with viral and bacterial infection, including TB
  • Eliminating fungus and mold
  • Reducing inflammation and relieving associated pain due to arthritis or injury
  • Providing antioxidant support to fight free radical damage that could lead to cancer
  • Preserving antioxidant enzymes that protect the liver and aid cellular antioxidant defense systems
Ingredients: Black Seed Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Frankincense, Myrrh Oil

Suggested Use: two times daily for 10- 30 days then once a day for 6 days a week as needed

0  -10 kg /  0-22 lb - 1/8 tsp
11-20 kg / 23-44 lb - 1/4 tsp
21-30 kg / 45-66 lb - 1/2 tsp
31-40 kg / 67-88 lb - 2/3 tsp
41-49 kg / 89-110 lb - 3/4 tsp
50-60 kg / 111-132 lb - 1 tsp

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