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Black Cat Oil™ P43

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Black Seed and other oils for Dis - Ease Support
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Herbal Natural Antibiotic for Cats

Do you need a natural herbal antibiotic for your cat?

Black Seed Oil is an herbs for cat product known for its antibiotic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Many health experts claim that it is, indeed, a true panacea; able to help cure everything from allergies to hypertension.  It is a safe, plant-based viable alternative to conventional supplements and  can be beneficial for:
  • Killing multi-drug resistant "superbugs" associated with viral and bacterial infection, including TB
  • Eliminating fungus and mold
  • Reducing inflammation and relieving associated pain due to arthritis or injury
  • Providing antioxidant support to fight free radical damage that could lead to cancer
  • Preserving antioxidant enzymes that protect the liver and aid cellular antioxidant defense systems
Ingredients: black seed oil, artemesia frigida, frankincense oil, fermented cod liver oil,  myrrh oil, coconut oil  

Suggested Use: 3 drops 3 times daily on tongue, one drop on front pads of feet twice daily. Larger dogs, double dose.

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