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Studley Blend | Herbs Male Horse Breeding Season
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Studley Blend | Herbs Male Horse Breeding Season

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Studley Blend
Studley blend herbal remedies to encourage youthfulness, vigor and genetic superiority during the Stud's Breeding Season. To promote the longevity of your breeding stock, it is best to use Studley Blend.

These Chinese and North American herbs for horses blended to tone, strengthen and encourage a good old age and a great breeding stock resulting in success and health to the offspring.  Studley Blend herbs for horses can be fed to mares as well as stallions to encourage semen count and a strong estrous cycle, especially in older breeding mares and stallions.  

Studley Blend Suggested Use: 3 heaping TBS twice daily 2 days before breeding and during breeding.  Otherwise 2 TBS twice a day during breading season.
  • We recommend also giving Chia seeds to the horse which provides healthy Omega 3-6 oils, as well as energy and vitality.

Studley Blend Ingredients: Maca, Yohimbe, Ginseng, Milk Thistle, Fo Ti, Capuacu

Studley Blend Quantity Options:  1 1/2 LBS
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Thank you for choosing Herbs of the World where we strongly promote natural Herbal Remedies traditionally used, as told in herbal folklore.  Each of our Natural Herbal Supplements are freshly made, not mass produced, and are of the highest quality herbs, blended with care!

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