H26 Essence of Peace for People | Stress Reliever

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H26 Essence of Peace for People | Stress Reliever

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Essence of Peace TM | Calming Aid for Competition Horses

Does your Equine Athlete need a natural alternative to conventional supplements to calm them prior to competition or stressful event?

Essence of Peace is a blend of natural herbs traditionally known to calm and feed the nervous system. This popular dietary herb is used by champion race and show horses, worldwide, including FEI events.  Essence of Peace is described as producing fast, short-term results. For optimum effectiveness, use as a pre-event supplement. DOES NOT TEST POSITIVE. It can be beneficial for:

  • Reducing stress that inhibits performance prior to competition and travel
  • Calming a horse with thunder phobia
  • Calming equine nervousness during shoeing
  • Washing out prior to entering the show ring or race venue ( use with Thumper for best results)

For daily herbal calming formulas we suggest our:

  • Poise for balancing,calming,hormonalpeace in stallions,mares and geldings
  • Psycho Sally for hip banging mares and cysts
  • Easy Rider for nervous stomach and digestion
  • Ulcer Ease for ulcers, stomach acidity and cramping

Suggested Use: 3 TBS as needed 2 times per day, 2 days before, day of and day after competition or stressful events.  For short term or pre event use only. Do not use daily.

Ingredients: Dragon Bone, Yarrow Flowers, Hops, Catnip, Hawthorne Berry, Angelica, Scullcap, Chia,  Parsley leaf, Dandelion root, Anise, Oyster shell.

My young horse was so full of anxiety before he would run that we almost gave up on him completely, he was rearing, lunging and almost getting to be dangerous. We had tried EVERYTHING and finally this was suggested, what could it hurt. So we started Jim on the Poise ,daily to nurture and heal his nervous system. We gave him the  Essence of Peace, as a pre event. What a difference, it was like night and day with him. He still gets antsy but he is controllable, his feet stay on the ground and he is very focused on what he is there to do. Thank you so much for saving our relationship with this horse, he has turned to be a phenomenal horse, and I am not sure we ever would have got there with him if it weren't for these herbs! T FERRANDO 04/05/12                                                                                          
 PS. I have my other 2 older boys on your Turmeric and Aloe and they are doing AWESOME. I love all of your products!

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