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H15 Chia Seeds Benefits Digestion, Joints & Energy Out of Stock Temporarily
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H15 Chia Seeds Benefits Digestion, Joints & Energy Out of Stock Temporarily

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Chia Seeds a Natural Food that can benefit you in the following:

Carbohydrate Syndrome, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Ulcers, Stomach Colic, Digestion, Omega 3-6 Oils, Joint Health, Energy, Stamina, Electrolytes, Heart Health

Herbs of the World uses only high quality Chia seeds.  Our Chia seeds are included in many of our formulas.

Chia is a substance essential to CELL life - a balance of giving out nutrients and while taking up debris.

Chia soothes the stomach and all mucous membranes of the body, helping to ease the inflammation caused by environmental pollutants, stress, race stress, injury or mental insufficiency.

Chia is used for scar tissue reduction in the lungs or bowels, moving sand and preventing ulcers. Chia acts as a barrier between the carbohydrates and the enzymes of the stomach. The slower metabolism results in less build-up of acid in the stomach. People are prone to ulcers because they constantly produce stomach acid. When under stress or heavy activity, they tend to produce more ulcers like symptoms and more acid. Using Chia along with WHAT is the perfect preventative for you.

CHIA SEED Suggested Use: Chia is a natural, healthy food, which is best taken daily. We recommend 6 days a week for supplements, with one day off to give the body a chance to reboot. Chia is high in soluble fiber, providing 27.6 grams of fiber for every 100 grams of seed.

Chia is a substance essential to cell life a balance of giving out nutrients and while taking up debris.

Chia is derived from the Aztec word, chian, meaning oily. Anciently the chia seed was a staple to the natives in parts of Mexico. It is reported that they enjoyed longevity, working and being useful far past normal old age. Life expectancy was reportedly 120 years average, in the Oaxaca valley. It was also used for stamina during war, heavy work and endurance races.

It is an ancient seed now being used in America.

Chia Seeds have balanced nutritional components. The tiny seeds are tasty with a mildly nutty flavor.

Chia is an excellent source of EFA's (essential fatty acids), antioxidants, minerals, protein, soluble fiber and low NSC (non structural carbohydrate).

According to the FDA, Chia seed is considered a "dietary supplement" and its nutritional content complies with the strict regulations required by the organization to qualify as a "healthy food". (Food and Drug Administration, USA)

Omega Oils and Chia Seeds Equals Health for you

Chia is high in the Omegas. Chia seeds contain 32-39% oil. More importantly it is the crucial balance of 3 times more Omega 3 than Omega 6 in Chia. Two-thirds of Chia oil is Omega-3 essential fatty acid (polyunsaturated) while only 10% are saturated fatty acid. Omega-3 sources are becoming increasingly scarce in the world. It is important that we turn our attention to Chia as a source of valuable energy food.

Chia oil is 62-64 percent, flaxseed oil is 58 percent, and menhaden fish oil is 29 percent.

Chia Seeds absorbs water. The gelatinous property of the seeds when wet in the gut, clears debris more effectively than psyllium husk. Plus it lubricates the mucous membranes of the body, rather than causing a drying effect, as sometimes psyllium husk can do.

Chia can absorb large amounts of liquid, increasing the amount passing through the digestive tract, stimulating the intestinal peristalsis. This property is clearly important for people, as it clears debris out of the gut naturally. Assisting with regulating stool movement, which helps prevent sand colic and maintains healthy diverticula.

CHIA SEEDS Comparison:

Chiamucilogenic gel increases in volume by 12 xs.
Psylliummucilage gel increases in volume by 10 xs.
Flaxmucilage gel increases in volume by 6 xs

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