EQ72 Paris Sights | Equine Natural Wormer & Parasite Control

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EQ72 Paris Sights | Equine Natural Wormer & Parasite Control

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Paris Sights Horse Natural Parasite Control

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A blend of herbs traditionally used to help the body reduce parasite problems. Parasites can be serious. Have your vet test samples when you suspect a problem. We strongly recommend using Garlic or Garlic 'N Roses along with Paris Sights, to ensure a healthy immune system. Use with Lovely Dust, external dusting for parasite control while taking Paris Sights internally.

We encourage the picking up of poo in the paddock, to avoid infestation, and using natural wormers as much as possible. Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth a couple of weeks per month, for a couple of months, every 4-6 months, as an alternate, when using natural wormers, is also recommended. Our diatomaceous earth is pharmaceutical grade, cleaned and excellent to use. Using both methods and ingredients alternately will help your horses stay healthy and worm free.

Non toxic all natural parasite control.

Paris Sights Ingredients: Cinnamon, Garlic, Wormwood, Ginger, Cloves, Roasted Torrey Seeds.

Paris Sights Suggested Use: 4 teaspoons per day beginning three days before the full moon and ending three days after the full moon, monthly.

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