EQ39 Certified Organic Turmeric Herb Seasoning for Horse Arthritis, Bowel Health & Anti-Inflammatory

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EQ39 Certified Organic Turmeric Herb Seasoning for Horse Arthritis, Bowel Health & Anti-Inflammatory

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Herbs for For Horse Arthritis, Bowel Health, Anti-Inflammatory, Free Radical Reduction

Does your horse need  a natural alternative to conventional horse supplements for long-term anti inflammatory, anti arthritic, digestive, or anti oxidant support?

Turmeric is an herb for horses seasoning with anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, digestant and cleansing properties. Clinical research shows that the longer turmeric is taken on a regular basis, the more effective it is for preventing arthritic changes in the body as your horse ages.

It has potent antioxidant properties to scavenge free radicals that could lead to tumor growth or cancer and is a pre-biotic that promotes good digestive health. Bile from the liver aids the digestion of fats in the duodenum combined with enzymes from the pancreas and small intestine. Horses do not have a gall bladder, so bile flows constantly. Turmeric helps horses with bile flow and digestion. It can be beneficial for:
  • Reducing the risk of injury by decreasing inflammation and pain, especially during race or heavy performance
  • Relieving arthritis pain and inflammation without negative side effects associated with conventional remedies
  • Improving recovery time from injury with less arthritic changes in the body long-term
  • Creating a positive environment for healthy bacteria and enzymes in the equine gut and pancreas
  • Balancing the lower GI tract and relieving constipation
  • Supporting phase II digestion and improving equine liver function
  • Reducing the risk of free radical damage that could lead to cancer and premature aging
  • Lessening the side effects of aging and injury
Choose this CERTIFIED ORGANIC Turmeric as an excellent safe and inexpensive addition to your horses’ feed to ensure good, healthy absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Ground Turmeric

Suggested Use
Maintenance:1-3 heaping TBS twice daily for 30 days, then 1-3 TBS once a day 6 days a week
Pre Event/Travel: 1-3 TBS twice daily 2 days before, day of and day after 


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