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EQ11 Brace Yourself WITHOUT DMSO | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment
Brace Yourself Without DMSO | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment

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EQ11 Brace Yourself WITHOUT DMSO | Horse Muscle & Ligament Liniment

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Do you need a good, all natural brace or liniment that can help heal strains, bruising or strengthen your horse prior to competing?
Our popular equine first aid product is a blend of herbs for horses traditionally known to be effective on horse muscle and ligament conditions. We’ve added Dragons Blood for additional astringent properties to contract tissue and stop discharges and to increase circulation for more rapid healing. Brace Yourself acts like a liquid herbal brace to strengthen the skin, tissue and ligament after injury and before a stressful performance. Your equine athlete will be less prone to injury during heavy performance when a "brace" is used. 

We know some people don’t like to use horse liniments with DMSO. Herbs of the world offers you a choice of plant-based products: Brace Yourself without DMSO and Brace Yourself with DMSO. When used topically this product can be beneficial for:
  • Providing relief for swollen tendons and wind puffs.
  • Reducing arthritis pain.
  • Increasing circulation following trauma or injury.
  • Reducing inflammation by increasing blood flow
  • Strengthening tendons, ligaments and joints
For maximum effectiveness use in combination with our:
Ingredients: Lavender, White Sage, Asparagus, Bee Pollen, Myrrh, Poplar Buds, Noni, Eucalyptus, Cider Vinegar, Dragon's Blood, Camphor, Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerin.
Suggested Use: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Use as a soothing liniment before and after work on the legs, back, shoulder or neck of your horse. Do not use on open wounds or cuts.

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